Max Volley Tournaments Summer 2024

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Please read all of the information before registering at the link below:

To register a team, captains will be required to create a profile on To add team members, only their email address, first name and last name are needed. Adding all team members will result in a more accurate seeding. Only players who are part of a team can enter scores in the mobile app.


• Mens 2s Elite

• Mens 2s Competitive

• Mens 2s Intermediate

• Womens 2s Elite

• Womens 2s Competitive

• Womens Intermediate

• Coed 2s Competitive

• Coed 2s Intermediate

• Youth Girls 2s 16U

• Youth Girls 2s 14U

• Youth Boys 2s 16U

- No Youth Divisions on July 6


    DJ at every event blasting beats all day long!


    Shefford Courts: 813 Shefford Rd, Gloucester, ON (behind the Richcraft Sensplex)


    Tournaments will start at 9:00 am, and will end at 4:00 pm at the latest (most end at 2 or 3pm). Start and end times are subject to change based on the weather.

    An information email will be sent out the day before each tournament.


    • 8:30 am - 9:00 am: Warm Up

    • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: Round Robin

    • 12:00 pm - Playoffs

    • 2:00/3:00 pm: Finals

    NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.



    Round Robin: Pools of 3 (play all teams) or Pools of 4 (modified format). Two matches only. Best 2 out of 3. (21, 21, 15)

    Playoffs: Single Elimination. Losers of the first round will continue playing for 3rd, 5th, 9th etc. Best 2 out of 3. (21, 21, 15)

    Some teams might have to play a qualifying match to enter playoffs, and may only play 3 matches during the day.

    In extreme circumstances, a team might play 6 matches total.

    But most teams will play 4-5 matches.

    Minimum 6 teams per division. Divisions will be combined as needed if registration numbers are low.

    Game Schedules/Score Sheets/Playoff Brackets will be made available via MyTeam.Click. More information on MyTeam.Click below.


    Registrations, schedules, score entry, pool stats and playoff calculations will be done using the app “MyTeam.Click”. During tournaments, players will enter scores directly into the mobile app and stats will be calculated in real time. To download the app, search for “MyTeam.Click” on the app store or google play.

    To find out more about the app, go to


    There will be water and snacks provided for players, but there will be no hot food included with registration.


    $80 per team


    Registration: The deadline to register is the Wednesday before any given tournament at midnight. Late teams are usually permitted entry if space allows, but they will be charged a late fee of $10.

    Refunds: The deadline to receive a refund for withdrawing is the Tuesday before any given tournament. See below.


    Refunds will be given to teams that withdraw before the refund deadline, but are subject to a $5 handling fee. Refunds will NOT be given to teams that withdraw AFTER the deadline.

    If a team wishes to withdraw, they can do so through MyTeam.Click, there is no need to send us an email.

    Refunds will be given if a tournament is cancelled.


    Elite Divisions winners will receive cash prizes. The more teams registered the bigger the prize!

    All other winners will receive new Max Volley merch.


    Regular Max Volley Beach Rules Apply: Please see this page for more information:

    • Rules for Coed apply: men must hit behind the 3m line and cannot block girls.

    • Penalties will apply to teams that show up late for any match. (See rules page above).

    • Timeouts: Teams can call one timeout per set. The technical time out (both scores total 21 points) MUST be taken if one team wants it. It can be skipped if both agree.


    There will be no referees for Max Volley Tournaments. Players are asked to call their own faults (net touches, hand setting errors etc). If there are any disagreements, please re-serve the point. If disagreements escalate, see Max Volley Staff.

    Teams that are eliminated during playoffs are asked to scorekeep/referee if the remaining teams request it.

    If youth have any questions about the rules of the game, please don’t hesitate to see staff on site near the white tents!


    Players are responsible for providing their own game balls. Max Volley will be selling game balls at the beginning of the season while quantities last (see main website or onsite staff for details).


    There will be porta potties for players to use. There is a hose for washing, and the water is potable.

    There is limited shade under the white tents. Players are asked to bring their own tents/umbrellas etc for cover and their own chairs.

    There are 38+ courts at the facility. The posts are numbered beside each respective court. Court 1 is the first court east of the white tents. Here is a map of the courts for reference:


    Tournaments are rain or shine. Games will be delayed in case of thunderstorms. Tournaments will only be cancelled under extreme circumstances.


    Please direct all tournament questions to:

    On tournament day, there will be a staff member on site near the white tents to answer questions.

    See you on the sand!

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