Max Volley - Ottawa's Premier Beach Volleyball Leagues

Updated June 26, 2023.

Ball to use:  If teams have different volleyballs, please use the ball that the majority of teams want to use.

Facility Rules

No glass containers of any kind on the sand area!

No smoking on the sand area.

If you lose something, please e-mail us ASAP, do not wait until the next week.

Single court usage by Max volley league players, when courts are available, is at no charge. For multiple court bookings, you must contact Max Volley.

Note: These rules should be enforced strictly in the top tiers and given more leniency in lower tiers.


Court size: 16m x 8m

Net height: men 2.43m, women 2.24m

The Serve:

The Service can be done anywhere behind the back line. Your foot cannot touch or go passed (under or over) the line while serving.

The ball can touch the net.

Serve Reception:

Must be taken cleanly. No lift is allowed. No volleys allowed on serve reception.(top tiers)

If receiving players cannot see server, you can ask the opponent to move so your view is not obstructed.

If the ball in the same motion hits you in the arms/chest/shoulders twice, it only counts as ONE contact.


If done with a volley: cannot be a double touch, but players are allowed to hold the ball longer for better control.

If the set goes over the net and the volley was clean, it's good.

If the player's intention is to volley the ball over the net, the player must be square to the direction he is sending the ball. (forward or backward)


Open hand tips are not allowed.

When hitting, contact with ball must be crisp.

Roll shots are ok.


The block counts as a hit, the team only has two more hits before they must send it over.

The blocking player can block the ball and then pop it up but this counts as two hits.

Teams First contact:

Unless it's a hard driven ball (spike), the first contact cannot be a lift or double touch. No volleys on the first contact (top 2/3rd's of tiers).

If the ball in the same motion hits you in the arms/chest/shoulders twice, it only counts as ONE contact.


If the ball touches the line, it is in.

Players cannot touch any part of the net between the antennas during the action of playing the ball. 

Players can cross the middle line at the net as long as they do not obstruct the opponent.

Teams usually switch sides every 7 points. (ie: 3-4, 8-6, 14-7...)

Co-ed Doubles

Net height: 2.24m

Court size: 16m x 8m

As above and add:

Guys must hit behind the 3m line. They can step on the line but cannot pass it at all. (ie: toe mark that crosses the line is a fault). When the guy is in front of the 3m line, he can send the ball over the net with an upward trajectory, it cannot be a hard driven ball (spike). If the guy jumps when in front of the 3m line, contact with the ball must be made below the top line of the net. Guys cannot bloc girls, but a joust (contacting the ball at the net with one hand/fist) is ok. In this case it counts as the first contact. The intent is to allow a guy to play a ball that is 50/50 above the net but not to block in a regular set-spike play.


Same rules as doubles. 


Women Net height: 2.24m, Men: 2.43m

Court size: 16m x 8m

Co-ed fours: minimum 2 girls on the court

Same rules as doubles with these exceptions:

The bloc does not count as a hit.

Open hand tips are allowed.

Serve reception cannot be a double or a lift, no volleys.

First contact (except serve reception) can be a double touch but not a lift (volley is ok).  First contact on a hard driven ball (spike) can be taken with a "beach dig".

A team can play with 3 players if a substitute is not found. A coed 4 team can have more than 2 girls on the court but the extra girl must play the guys rules/position.

Inclement weather

Games are played rain or shine. While games are playing, if any lightning is seen, games must be stopped and can only resume when there has been no lightning for 15 minutes.

If daylight is a concern, games can be reduced to be able to finish them all. ex: 1 set to 25 instead of 2 to 21.

The schedule website  has a list of the locations playing (or not). Updates will usually be done by 5:30pm.


Captains will receive a scoresheet link by email.  Please complete and/or review the scoresheet before midnight the day of your games.

Matches will usually be 2 sets to 21, cap of 23.  Schedule is: Team A vs C, then A vs B, then B vs C.

Teams can view the updated schedule online anytime,  and must report a mistake at least 24 hrs before game-time so we can correct it.

Tie Breaking

Total sets won.

If 2 teams tied: the head-to-head result, points for/against.

If still tied, points for/against with all the games of these 2 teams.

If still tied, result from previous week.

If 3 teams tied: points for./against In the case of a tier of 4, only with the games that the 3 teams are involved in.

Then if points for are still tied, points for/against in all games.

If still tied, results from previous week.

Substitutes-main league

Substitutes names must be written on the scoresheet, this way we have a record of who played if subs are needed for playoffs.

You can see the subs/free agents online for players. Note that subs should be approximately the same caliber.

Existing Max Volley league players can substitute. If they do on the same night, they can be a maximum of 4 tiers higher.

If more than half the team are substitutes (ie: 2 players in a doubles team, 3 players in a fours team), the team cannot move up a tier that week, but can stay in the tier or go down.

For doubles, substitutes can only be done between sets. (If 3 players show-up to play doubles) You cannot sub during play unless it is due to injury, and the player cannot return for the match.


All teams will make the playoffs. In the tiered system, the standings are determined by your average tier in the last few weeks of the league.

Substitutes are permitted as long as they have played at least once for your team. The same players who have started the playoff games must finish the night. There are no substitutes allowed during games or between games on the same night.

Late Teams

Teams who are 10 minutes late forfeit the first set, 20 minutes late forfeit the second set.

If the game starts late, 1 point per minute is given to the team that is ready to play; to a maximum of 9 points for 9 minutes, because the 10th minute is a forfeit to the late team.

No Shows

If your team cannot play, and are not able to find subs, you are required to notify us at least 2 hours before game time.  If this is not done, your team may be bumped down 2 tiers. If this happens more than once, your team will be removed from the league.

If there are only 2 teams in your tier, play a best of 5 to 21 points.  If there is only one team in your tier, notify staff and the team will join the tier above.  The tier above will play the schedule of a tier of 4 on the 2 courts avalaible.  All teams will play 2 sets to 21 against the other teams in the tier.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Any verbal or physical abuse towards an opposing player/spectator/staff is not tolerated. We ask that this be reported to staff immediately including players/teams involved, other witnesses...

A player may be suspended from the league after a review from Max Volley President and staff.

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