Covid-19 info

Covid-19 safety measures:

- if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, stay home!

- hand washing stations will be available, players will be asked to wash hands before playing or use your own hand sanitizer.

- please wear masks until you are on your court.

- players can see the schedule online and go directly to their courts without needing to approach the main tables 

- we are treating every tier as it's own "bubble".  Maximum of 10 players per court.

- avoid spectators, keep physical distancing in mind! 

- no hand-shakes between teams.

- we will not use scoreboards

- results will be recorded electronically  (no score-sheets)

- lost and found items will not be kept, they will be left where they are and thrown away after a few days.

Rule changes:

- switch sides only every set.

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