Fall Beach Volleyball (under a heated tent)  Volleyball

Fall 2021
Oct 4 ’21
Oct 31 ’21

2021 Max Volley Fall 2's and 4's (under big tent)

Covid-19 safety measures:

- if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, stay home!

- hand washing stations will be available, players will be asked to wash hands before playing or use your own hand sanitizer.

- players can see the schedule online and go directly to their courts without needing to approach the main tables 

- avoid spectators, keep physical distancing in mind! 

- no hand-shakes between teams.

- results will be recorded electronically  (no score-sheets)

Rule changes:

- switch sides only every set.

For specific youth info, see the details lower down under the youth headings.

We will install a big tent over 3 courts at the Shefford courts.  The courts are fully enclosed (tent walls will be installed), they are brightly lit and we will heat them as much as possible.  Leagues will run Mon-Thurs 6:30pm to 10:30pm for 4 weeks in October (October drop-in passes are included in the fees) 

Doubles: $240 per team.   Fours: $384 per team

Depending on what tier your team is in, you will play weekly at either 6:30pm, or 8:30pm

There are no age limits but we suggest players be over 16 years old.

Drop-in membership Pass

An October drop-in pass will be available for purchase.  Drop-in hours will vary depending on the number sold but tentatively it will include 6-10pm Mon-Friday, 

weekends 12-6pm. 

You will be able to book court time but must have a minimum of 4 players to confirm the booking. Maximum of 10 players per court. Pass holders can play approximately 2 hours per week.

Passes are non-transferable.

More hours can be booked if available.

Non-members who accompany members during drop-in can pay 10$ per hour to play.

Tent details

The tent ceiling will be between 21 and 27 feet high. (a typical gym height is 24 feet) There will be space for 3 beach courts but the service area will be small (approx 4-5 feet).  Side walls will be installed to fully enclose the courts.  We will have lights and heaters inside.  We will start with 1 month and then see if we will continue for November.

Returning Teams Ranking Procedure

Returning teams will be ranked according to their summer 2021 final tier.  Returning teams (teams that have one player returning are considered returning teams) will be able to enter this during registration.

New Teams Ranking

For new teams, the categories are as follows:

AA- Intended for teams that have high level beach volleyball experience

A- Competitive

B- Intermediate

C- Recreational


Once the season starts and teams have been placed in tiers based on the above, the tiering system will work as follows: Tiers will be composed of two, three or four teams. Tiers of 4 will play on 2 courts, winners of the 1st match will play against each other, losers of the 1st match will play each other.  In tiers of 3 teams, each team will play 2 sets against the other teams. In tiers of 2, teams will play a best of 5. The team with the best results will move up one tier the following week, the second and 3rd place teams will remain in that tier, and the losing team will go down one tier for the following week. Captains will be asked to update their results on the website weekly as scheduling will be automated.

The registration and payment deadline is September 24th.  Space is limited. Only the 1st eighteen teams are guaranteed a spot. 

Registration also includes a drop-in pass for 2 players in doubles and four players in fours.  This equals to $7,50/hr or less to play (2 hrs of league play and minimum 2 hrs of drop-in play per week)

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