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Summer 2022
Jun 15 ’22
Aug 31 ’22

We're thrilled to present the newest addition to our lineup: Beach Tennis (BT). BT originated in Italy in the 1970's, and is currently played in over 50 countries worldwide. Recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), and governed by the International Federation of Beach Tennis (IFBT), it has similarities to other sports such as volleyball, tennis, badminton & pickleball.

It's played with a paddle racquet, de-pressurised tennis balls, a modified net (5,7"), on a beach volleyball court (same measurements). The scoring is the same as tennis (15, 30, 40, GAME), and there's singles / doubles play. Easy to learn but difficult to master - perfect for all ages and levels.

We've partnered up with 613BeachTennis, a local sport organization focused on the growth and promotion of this exciting new sport in our nation's capital. They will be hosting clinics, events and more playing opportunities. Whether you're looking to spice things up or try a new sport this season, Beach Tennis is the sport for you! Sign up through this link: Beach Tennis @ Shefford Park

See below to sign-up for the Thursday night league.

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Our beach tennis leagues will run for 6 week sessions.  Teams will consist of 2 players: male, female and/or coed.  Registration will be done individually but there will be an option to enter the name of another registered player you would prefer as a team-mate the first week.

Session 1: June 15 to July 20, 2022 (registration opens in April)

Session 2: July 27 to Aug 31, 2022 (registration opens in late June)

The beginner/intermediate levels include a small clinic the 1st week to help with basic beach tennis skills and rules.  Players will also be able to borrow a paddle and ball at no extra cost.  There will be 4 players per court, playing with each other for 1 hour per week. Sessions will start at 6:30pm and 7:30pm.  The schedule will change weekly.

The advance level will have 4 players per court, playing for 2 hours per week. Games start at 6:30pm. The schedule will change weekly.

Player Fees:  - 6 weeks

Beginner/intermediate:  72$ per player

Advanced: 120$ per player

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