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2023 Max Volley Outdoor Summer League 2's, 3's and 4's

Updated Nov 25, 2022 

The 2023 Summer season will run from the week of May 22nd through to Aug 17th. Playoffs (all teams qualify for playoffs) will follow and will run for 2 weeks. The league will run up to 15 weeks including playoffs depending on the weather. The first 2 weeks of the Shefford leagues will have the new teams play in separate tiers for ranking purposes.  (we will no longer run a ranking tournament) All teams will be merged after 2 weeks.

The start time is 6:30 sharp on a nightly basis; it is suggested that teams show up at least 15 minutes ahead of time in order to give themselves sufficient time to warm-up.

The west leagues play at the Bell Sensplex, the east leagues will play at the Shefford courts.

There are no age limits for the adult leagues but we suggest players be over 16 years old.

Youth Leagues

The youth leagues will run Wednesdays for 10 weeks at the Shefford courts starting June 7th. The league will be tiered (like the main league) and the initial rankings will be by age. U14-U16

Free Agents

If you are a single player looking to play, register as a Free Agent and we will do our best to match you with other players.  It is recommended that you also access the free agent list to find team-mates yourself.

Returning Teams Ranking Procedure

Returning teams will be ranked according to the 2022 summer final ranking, before playoffs.  Returning teams (teams that have one player returning are considered returning teams) must indicate the overall spot you finished in the league last year, before playoffs. (not where you finished in playoffs nor within your division) This will be available via the playoff schedules link on the register page and have the rankings (1 through 90..) posted next to your team name. 

New Teams Ranking

For new teams, the categories are as follows:

AA- Intended for teams that have high level beach volleyball experience

A- Competitive

B- Intermediate

C- Recreational  

If you are not sure what category to choose please choose the lower one. 

New teams will play in separate tiers for the first 2 weeks to rank teams more appropriately.  They will then be merged into the main league. Max Volley reserves the right to shift teams up or down a few tiers based on their results over the first few weeks of the season.

League Tiering

Once the season starts and teams have been placed in tiers based on the above, the tiering system will work as follows: Most tiers will be composed of three teams. These teams will play 2 sets to 21 against the other two teams in their tier. The team with the best results will move up one tier the following week, the second place team will remain in that tier, and the losing team will go down one tier for the following week. Captains will be asked to update their results on the website weekly as scheduling will be automated.

Weather Policy

The league will be run rain or shine (unless there are persisting thunderstorms or flooding). Please consult the court status boxes that are available on the first page of the schedule website (rankings.maxvolley.com) to see if the league is cancelled for the night when there is inclement weather. If a league is cancelled we will also email/text players. There are usually no make-up nights as the league is intended to be 11 weeks in a 13 week period. (plus playoffs)

Early-bird specials, Pay-in-person specials and Registration Deadline

Pay 2022 prices and Save 13% (HST) with early-bird online registration until January 15th, 2023.

You can also save the HST on the 2022 prices by choosing the pay later option during registration and paying cash or check in person on the following dates:


Shefford courts 5-7pm TBD (in parking lot near courts)


Kanata courts 5-7pm TBD (in parking lot near courts)

The registration and payment deadline is May 10th, after this a 20$ late fee will apply. Spots in the league are first come, first serve, so make sure you sign up early!

Day League Location (all locations play separate leagues) Price (excluding HST)
Mondays Men's doubles Shefford $ 300
Women's fours Shefford $ 460
Women's doubles Kanata  $ 300
Tuesdays Women's doubles Shefford $ 300
Men's threesShefford$ 390
Men's doubles Kanata $ 300
Wednesdays Coed fours (min 2 girls) Shefford $ 460
Youth Girls doubles Shefford (starts June 7) $ 260
Youth Boys doubles Shefford (starts June 7) $ 260
Coed doubles Kanata $ 300
Thursdays Coed doubles Shefford
$ 300
Coed fours (min 2 girls)Kanata$ 460
Sundays Men doubles
Shefford $ 300
Coed doublesShefford$ 300
Women doublesKanata$ 300

Men doubles Kanata $ 300

Locations: see contact page on the website.

League rules and details: see link on home page.

To Register: registration and payment will be done through the website starting in Dec 2022. Click on registration link.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds after the first league games. A 20$ admin fee will be incurred for a refund before the first league games.

No Shows

If your team cannot play, and are not able to find subs, you are required to notify us at least 2 hours before game time.  If this is not done, your team will be bumped down 2 tiers. If this happens more than once, your team will be removed from the league.


Please be aware, for promotional purposes, MaxVolley will be taking pictures and/or videos of league and tournament games.  By registering for a MaxVolley league you are giving MaxVolley your consent to use your picture in publications or other media material such the MaxVolley website, the MaxVolley Twitter feed, the MaxVolley Facebook account and other MaxVolley social media platforms. 

MaxVolley will not use any names of any players on any of MaxVolley social media presence.  Self identification is permitted.  In the event that a discovery occurs where player identification has been made without proper player consent then please contact MaxVolley directly and appropriate actions will be taken to remove the player identification.

If a player does not want their picture to be captured and used for promotional purposes, please contact MaxVolley directly and arrangements will be made to exclude that player from all photographs and/or videos.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and patronage.

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